Damage Control MMA Review – What Is it All about?

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All of us have various insane habits. Some people call them insane, but to us, they feel good. We feel like we achieve something when we indulge, be that mentally or physically. Taking part in any activity releases our creativity and makes us feel really confident. For many of us, this activity involves some sort of combat sport or martial arts, and none is more popular than MMA. However, MMA is also rock hard, and getting to be good at it without spending years building your knowledge up is almost impossible. Unfortunately, unless you are very young and can enroll in a class full of beginners, it means that the confidence building element of taking part in sports will get lost on you. After all, there is no better way to lose your confidence than to join a class full of experts when you know nothing at all. In comes Damage Control MMA, however, a program that will teach you all there is to know about MMA, making you experienced in the sport. But is it any good? Can you really learn something as complicated as MMA from the comfort of your own home? I decided to give it a try and see what sort of benefits this program actually offered.

Damage Control MMA InstructionsWhat Is Damage Control?

MMA Training, Damage Control, was developed by Brian and Brandon. It is a complete online training program that allows you to train around the clock using either your mobile device or computer. According to Brian and Breadon, you will learn how to have the best possible MMA fighting skills possible in no time at all. Furthermore, they believe that a learning journey never ends, which is why those who purchase the package also get access to technique videos, which are updated every week. To date, there are over 400 videos to go through. Brian and Brandon also felt that anything they developed had to be accessible to anybody; hence they made it hugely affordable. Plus, if you don’t want to take part anymore, you can cancel your payments, no questions asked. The program focuses on a range of different fight games, including Combat Submission Wresting, Catch Wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai and Boxing.

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Who Are Brian and Brandon?

Brian and Brandon are two professional coaches. They have worked with professional MMA fighters for many years. They have their own techniques, which you can question them about if you become a member of the program. Furthermore, they have developed a member forum where you can discuss techniques and any other questions.

How Damage Control WorksHow Does Damage Control MMA Work?

When you purchase the Damage Control MMA package, you will receive three entire modules of the training package, as well as numerous bonuses. In greater detail, this means:

  • Module 1 – focus on striking. You will learn over 200 techniques geared specifically towards strikes, such as the shuffle step jab and stop and go sparring.
  • Module 2 – focus on submissions. Here, you will learn various tips, lessons and techniques with a focus on submissions.
  • Module 3 – focus on takedowns. This part is all about lessons, tips and techniques to teach you how to get someone down.
  • Bonus 1 – Training DVD for fight core MMA.
  • Bonus 2 – three MP3 audio drill sets.
  • A huge video library
  • And more

There are also regular updates. For instance, the latest one is the guard passing for competitors, which was developed by the Aikijutsu Academy. This will teach you very specific techniques and give you other lessons developed specifically by this academy, which is respected all over the world.

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Damage Control ReviewWhat I Like

  • A great way to save both time and energy, learning all you need to know at your own pace, in your own home.
  • Hugely affordable, particularly when you look into value for money. It is full of various tips, exercises and techniques, many of which are unknown to people.
  • Loads of free bonuses, including audio and DVD files.
  • Safe to download, so you don’t have to worry about malware, spyware, viruses or other issues.
  • You get around the clock email support, and the authors are really quick to answer any questions you may have.
  • Fantastic forum where you will learn from experts, novices and peers.
  • As an added bonus, the program will get you fit and healthy, since we all could do with a little bit more exercise in our lives.
  • The program is updated regularly in terms of the videos, meaning you learn new things all the time.
  • It comes with an 8 week, no questions asked, full money back guarantee, which means you can try it risk free.

What I Didn’t Like

You have to follow the instructions step by step if you are to learn them, which can be a bit restrictive to people who like to have their own way.
Although the program is absolutely fantastic, there is nothing quite like doing things for real. Hence, I would personally recommend doing this program with a friend, or perhaps even two, so you can practice on each other, and perhaps have one person watching the videos while the other two do the moves. That way, it is easier to compare whether you are doing things right or not.

The Verdict

I must say I am hugely impressed with this particular program. It really is suitable for anybody, whether you are someone that just wants to be able to do some cool moves in the comfort of your own home, or whether you are aspiring to be a real professional MMA fighter. The program will help you to become stronger and is, obviously, also a great way to get fit and healthy. After all, we all need to get more exercise, so instead of doing boring step classes or weight lifting, why not do something like Damage Control and learn some really cool moves? Plus, you can do it with a bunch of friends, which is a great way to keep motivated, as you will encourage each other to do better every time. I fully recommend this program to anybody who is interested.

Damage Control Package

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