Mixed martial artist power kick

The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Training Regimen

Whether you’re considering training for an amateur bout, or you’ve enviously sighted the chiseled physiques of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters on TV, you’ve surely thought at one point or another that they can benefit from the grueling training regimen that these athletes put themselves through. For amateur fighters and armchair enthusiasts alike, the MMA […]

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Lean Protein

The Right Diet For An MMA Fighter

Whether you’re a professional MMA fighter or just decided to take up an MMA training regimen in order to whip yourself into shape, the hours that you put in at the gym are only part of the equation. As great trainers are fond of saying, the hours you put in at the gym should be […]

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Healthly Heart

The 6 Health Benefits Of Mixed Martial Arts

Most people are aware that becoming an expert in mixed martial arts will most likely allow them the chance to win a fight against another person, but is this the only reason that people sign up for this type of training? The benefits of this form of exercise go well beyond being able to “kick […]

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MMA Trainer

How To Get Good At Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts has gained a lot of popularity over the past several years, to the point where it is now one of the most popular fighting sports in the world. Perhaps you are setting out on a path to train as an MMA fighter, or you are considering taking up a training session in […]

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Judo hold down.

Judo Vs Karate: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Both karate and judo seem to be equally popular with laymen when it comes to unarmed combat, and for many years now, people have discussed the merits of both of these fighting styles, but is one really better than the other? In order to make a decision about which fighter would come out on top […]

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Healthy meal

Nutritional Tips To Fuel Your MMA Fitness Workout

As it is often said, true fitness starts in the kitchen. As you know from my previous posts, I am a true believer in this tried-but-true saying. No matter how powerful your workouts are, if you aren’t putting the right nutrients into your body, they are basically for naught. And the reverse is just as […]

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